How to choose a kota stones design that fits your lifestyle

stone designs fijian design, stone designs kota article stone design kota is an award-winning design company that has produced over 25,000 unique stone designs across five continents.

In 2018, Kota Stone Design was awarded the 2018 Diamond Design of the Year for its designs for the award-nominated Mango Island Resort and Spa in Fiji.

Its most recent award was the 2017 Diamond Design Award for its design for the resort’s restaurant and bar, where the resort was named the best restaurant in the world.

The company is a partner of the Dubai Grand Hotel, and a client of the prestigious International Hotel Group, and is also one of the few designers who has been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal of Excellence by the Royal Dutch Shell.

Kota’s design for The Grand Hotel in Dubai is one of many high-profile examples of the company’s designs, which are designed to reflect the local cultures and local tastes of the people of Fiji.

The design for this resort is a collaboration with the Fiji Tourism Board.

“We wanted to create a design that was respectful of our community, and the cultural heritage of Fiji,” said Daniela Mazzoli, senior product designer for Kota.

“It was a very personal project for us, and we really wanted to capture the vibrancy and the spirit of the island.”

Mazzolis and her partner, Mina Koga, designed the resort and restaurant, which is the first to be opened in Fiji since its inception in 2015.

They also created a custom-made sand-colored glass sculpture that will hang in the resort lobby.

In the resort, guests can sit and enjoy the ocean, the fresh air, and even have a bite to eat while they enjoy the view.

“The resort is not only an extension of our island, but also an extension and a celebration of Fiji’s rich cultural history and the islands rich cultural heritage,” Mazzoles said.

“When we think of islands, we think about the Pacific, but we can’t imagine Fiji without the ocean.

This island is truly a beautiful, enchanting and inspiring place.”

The resort has a number of restaurants and bar spaces, which the team created to showcase Fiji’s diversity.

The hotel also has a lounge with two balconies, a bar with a view of the ocean and a large pool area.

“This was a challenge to us,” said Mazzolici.

“Our guests are always asking for an ‘experience’ of the islands, and they want to have a sense of being there, of the beach, of being part of a family.

The lounge is a perfect space for them to experience the island and the food, and it also serves as a great place to hang out with friends and family.

We created a unique space to do that.”

In addition to their work for KOTA, the team also designed a unique sand-themed bar at the resort that serves as an art installation.

“There is a theme in the design for our lounge,” said Koga.

“A traditional bar, with a traditional motif of sand, is a motif that is common throughout the islands culture.

The motif is a beautiful contrast to the modern, modern-day theme that is in the hotel.”

The lounge, a unique design that is not common in the rest of the resort is an opportunity for guests to come together and feel like they are part of an island, with friends who share a common interest.

“In Fiji, we have a strong sense of family, and that’s what we wanted to make our lounge for,” said Yumi Nakahara, senior design architect for KOTA.

“With the lounge, guests will feel like it’s their own little island, and as a member of that island, they’ll have a place to go to relax, share a drink, and get together.”

The beach at The Grand Resort features a sand-filled beach, and there are numerous sand sculptures throughout the hotel.

“Every island has its own unique sand sculptures,” said Nakahar.

“From the sea, we wanted something that’s not a beach, but that has a natural sand sculpture that is a natural habitat for fish and other life that is unique to this island.

We also wanted to show how Fiji’s unique culture and unique islands culture is represented in the architecture of the hotel, and in the sand sculptures that are scattered throughout the resort.”

Kota is currently in the process of completing a design for its hotel, which will be featured at the 2017 International Hotel Convention in Dubai.

The project will be completed in 2019.

“One of the things that we always do is to listen to the people, to give them the opportunity to express themselves and express their own style,” said Tanae Hasegawa, senior marketing manager for KOTO.

“So, we worked with the Tourism Board of Fiji to find a way to bring their ideas and their ideas to the hotel design.

We did that