‘Design Stone’ house is a ‘home’ for stone designers: Shreveport designer

The stone house of Shreveports designer Shreve Parks is a “home for stone design.”

Its designed to “provide a peaceful and serene setting for the designer to build their own design.”

The house, located in Shreve Springs, Louisiana, is located right on the Mississippi River, just down the road from the popular Biscayne Bay theme park.

It is located at 714 North Avenue in Shrewsbury, Louisiana.

The house was designed by Shreve Waterside Studio, a studio that specializes in contemporary architectural design, according to Parks.

The studio is based out of Shrewsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has a total of seven members.

It currently employs approximately 35 people.

The house has a stone fireplace, a stone chimney, a wooden front porch, and an open-plan living room.

The living room features a fireplace, fireplace-style seating, an open plan kitchen, and a fireplace-like kitchen counter.

There is also a walk-in closet, a private balcony, and two small outdoor terraces.

It also features a covered deck with a patio area and a deck on the property.

The design team said that it’s designed to have a “quiet, welcoming space for a designer to work and live.”

The architects said that the house is not intended for any specific type of decor, such as traditional stone or brick.

They also said that “no stone will ever be required” in order to achieve the home’s unique architectural design.

The design team is hoping to open the house for the public on April 6, 2019.

Shreve’s Design Stone House was featured in the July 19 issue of The Architectural Record, the official publication of the American Institute of Architects.