When David Stone’s garage design is unveiled, it will change the face of architecture

David Stone has spent the last five years making his garage designs his life’s work.

But for a moment in time, he was looking forward to seeing the finish line come to life.

The 38-year-old architect and furniture designer is the designer behind the Stone Garage.

The first concept for the home was conceived in the 1970s, but it was only when he was in his mid-40s that he got the chance to see the finished product come to fruition.

“When I first came across this project, I was just stunned,” he said.

“I’ve been building stuff for the past 30 years and I just didn’t know how much it was going to change.”

Mr Stone, who lives in Adelaide’s inner west, said it would take a “tremendous amount of effort” for the finished home to meet the standards of the community it was designed for.

“It would take people a long time to get used to it and to really appreciate it,” he explained.

“But once you have the first glimpse of the finished design, it is absolutely stunning.”

He was inspired by the traditional wooden and steel structure of stone structures.

“What was unique about the stone structure was that it was a wooden structure,” he continued.

“So, there was a big stone block underneath and that was the main support.”

The brick and stone foundation would provide the structural strength, so that it would be stable in the event of a collapse.

“The finished product is an 18-storey, three-storeys high, five-storeyd stone structure with two levels, and a roof.”

My goal is that it should be able to survive an earthquake,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide’s Morning Report.”

And we’re hoping it will be able withstand the conditions of a major earthquake in the future.

“Mr Stones garage will be built on a site that has been turned into a residential area, with a garden and a courtyard for residents to relax and socialise.

The structure will be a mix of modern and historic architecture with the intention to reflect Adelaide’s history.”

If you look at the city’s heritage, there is a lot of architectural influences in the city,” he added.”

For example, there’s the old Royal Opera House, where the original architects used to be.

“There’s a lot that is from the industrial era.

So we’re trying to bring that back into the modern day.”

Mr Stones garage will feature an open plan design with open air spaces that allow people to walk through.

“A lot of the elements are very natural and not a lot is designed for people to have a lot more space,” he noted.

“They’re more designed for urban living, which means that you can’t really sit inside the house, so you need to have an open space.”

He said the house would also feature a courtyard where residents can enjoy the sun.

“You’ll be able, with the weather, to walk around and get in a spot and be with people and have a chat,” he concluded.

Mr Stone has been in the design industry for almost 20 years and said he had “never worked in architecture”.

“I’m just doing it because I enjoy it,” the architect said.