How to create a ‘stone mug’

When you’re at home and your cupboard is full of beer, you might think you have a problem.

But what if you wanted to use it as a coffee mug?

That’s exactly what Betamcherlara, a Spanish firm based in Madrid, has been doing.

A coffee mug made of stone, it’s a project that started out as a one-off for one of their employees.

And it’s still going strong today.

The idea behind the ceramic design is that of creating a coffee-shaped mug that’s made of ceramic, not glass.

While some people think that’s silly, the ceramic material used to create the mug is used in many other designs, and is found in many different materials, from glass to paper to ceramic.

And because it’s made from a material that’s already used in coffee, it can be recycled and reused for any other purpose, too.

While the coffee-themed mug is an original design that you can find on their website, they’re currently also selling the stone design.

But it’s the coffee mug that is really the highlight of the design.

It’s an interesting idea, but it’s actually quite simple.

As you can see from the image above, the stone shape is actually a simple geometric pattern.

The design is based on a natural stone called “tungsten” that is used for making many of the materials used in our homes, and Betamchers goal with the design was to recreate that same effect on a coffee cup.

The ceramic mug, as you can tell from the design, was designed by Betamberlara as a way to create more space in the cup.

It doesn’t look like it would be very comfortable to hold, so the cup is designed to have a “tang” or groove, as if it were made from the ceramic.

That groove is where the water is heated up and creates the coffee.

And that’s what makes it so comfortable to drink.

The stone shape also has a bit of a utilitarian appeal to it, too, as it has a metal ring on top that’s used to keep the mug firmly in place.

The shape itself is made from stainless steel and glass and is slightly different from other designs in the same category.

That’s a great feature for the ceramic cup.

For this reason, it is more of a coffee design, with a design that’s more casual, and that’s not something you’d see on a typical coffee mug.

The cup is also designed to fit snugly around the mouth, which is a little more of an issue when it comes to water.

It has to be squeezed a bit to get the cup to fill completely, which can be a bit annoying.

As a bonus, the coffee cup has a small metal button to make it easy to close and open.

It also has an integrated filter that prevents it from absorbing too much of the water that’s left in the mug, which may be a good thing if you’re on the go.

There’s a few other designs as well, but they all come from the same company.

Betamachleras design is more traditional than the others, which makes it more accessible to those who might be less familiar with ceramic.

But the coffee design is also a bit more functional, and it’s an easy way to bring coffee to your coffee table without making a mess.

And the ceramic is durable, which could be a big plus for those who work in the industry.

And you’ll get the full design of the coffee, too: a stone mug, coffee design and a coffee logo. It costs £150 for a ceramic cup and it’ll last you for four years, but there’s no set time frame or a price list.

For more on how Betamaderas design works, be sure to check out our full review.