How to make your own beautiful ankara design

Posted January 08, 2019 06:16:20 I recently saw a lovely ankara, which was designed by a talented kimjongil artist, and had no idea what it was called.

It is a stone  that is very similar to a clay  which is used for building.

I was intrigued and asked the artist what she thought about the ankara and the clay.

“What is it?” she said.

The clay is a mixture of clay, clay, and other clay.

“The clay I’m working with has a lot of water in it,” she said, and that was the name of the clay that she was using.

She used a mix of white and yellow and some darker colours to give it a more natural look.

What is the design like?

She made an ankara out of white clay and yellow clay.

I’m guessing that it is a combination of white clays and clay.

She then used the clay to create the design, using some other coloured clay to add colour to the design.

Her clay can be used for anything from a wedding or wedding decoration to a traditional gift for friends or family.

My favourite part about this ankara is that it looks like you could use it to make a gift.

Why do you like it?

“It’s a beautiful design and I really like it,” Ms Kim said. 

“It feels like you have a special connection with it, and the color makes it stand out.”

Why not use it for a home decoration?

Ms Kim said the ankaras she uses for home decoration usually have an angry or sad expression on their faces, but she thought this one had a more happy and happy expression on its face.

Is there any advice you would like to give?

 “I would definitely think about using it for decoration,” she added.

Thanks to Kana Kim for this story!