How to design stone monuments from scratch

Firenze Design Stone, a company based in the Austrian Alps, has been designing stone monuments since 1997. 

The company, which employs some 50 people, has a reputation for producing stunningly beautiful stones and the ability to turn them into a beautiful piece of art. 

They have created many pieces of stone for public use including the new monument in Rome, and they are working on another. 

In a recent interview, the CEO of Firenzen Design Stone and his partner, Peter Boeser, shared the steps that they took to create the new design, which was designed by an artist from the Czech Republic. 

Peter Boeseric explained: We have two goals with the stone.

First, we want to give the impression of a very ancient and beautiful stone, but secondly, we wanted to make it really functional, so that it’s accessible for the visitor, so the monument can be put into its place. 

 The stone was created in an open air workshop, so there are no special considerations made for the stone itself. 

When the stone was put into the monument, Boeseric said it took less than two minutes to put it together. 

Firenze also has the ability to turn any stone into a statue. 

Boeeric said that he created statues for the Italian city of Turin, which he also designed, but he is not sure if he will be able to turn this stone into an architectural monument. 

“I’ve seen a lot of monuments, which I don’t know if they are stone monuments or not, but they are beautiful statues,” he said. 

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