Stone logo design used on Nixon statue design

Stone’s logo has become a trademark in Canada.

The company announced in January that it was using the design to sell its signature product.

The logo is also featured on some of the company’s other products.

It is on the packaging of a new Ford Expedition and a Ford Transit, the company says.

The design was chosen for its ability to bring the brand’s signature quality to the masses.

“Stone has always been known for their iconic look and feel and this latest version is a bold yet timeless design,” said Greg McArthur, director of product strategy at Stone.

“It combines a modern look with a classic stone aesthetic that we believe is an important part of the Stone story.”

McArthur says the design was developed for Ford by designers from London’s Rovio.

He says the logo will be used for both the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Plus.

Stone says it is in talks with several other car companies about using the logo.