NFL’s newest team names will be announced in 2019

Cast Stone Design, which designed the original “Ace” logo, said in a statement Wednesday that it was “proud to announce the new NFL team names that will debut in 2019.”

The NFL has been known to use some of the most memorable logos in sports history, from the Cowboys’ green and gold to the Seahawks’ red and gold.

In 2020, the league will announce the names of the four new teams, which will be called the New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers.

The announcement will occur in mid-November, with teams announced in early December.

The team names are: New York Giants: Giants of the future, the Jets’ trademark is a big red “G.”

The new team name will be officially announced in February 2021.

The Giants are an amalgamation of the teams’ names and logos that was used from the 1930s through the 1970s.

They’re known for their famous logo featuring a red bull on the helmet, and the “E” on the back of the jersey.

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings are known for the famous “Vikings” mascot.

They were formed in 1967 and were rebranded the Minnesota Vikings in 1999.

The logo is based on a cartoon of a white man with a black mustache and a white hat.

The “V” represents the name “Vegas” and the other two characters are “G,” “W” and “E.”

The logo features a red, white and blue outline.

Detroit Lions: The Lions have been known for wearing green and black jerseys for decades.

In 2016, the team’s jersey was unveiled with a yellow “L” that stands for “Long Island” and a “T” for “Trucks.”

The team also released a new logo featuring the phrase “We’re not a franchise anymore.”

The Lions logo has a green and white outline, with a white stripe through it and the team logo in black lettering.

The name “Lions” is a pun on “Lion’s Head,” a nickname given to a black player.

The Minnesota Vikings logo, which is the oldest in the league, is based off the name of the first team to wear the color green.

The Detroit Lions have also been known as the “Leeds of the NFL.”

The Minnesota-based team played in the NFL for seven seasons from 1960-79.

The current logo was unveiled in 2018.

The Lions name is a reference to the famous American football team, the “St. Louis Browns.”

New Orleans Saints: The Saints have been playing in the American Football League since 1982.

The Saints logo is a red and white rectangle with a red “S.”

The letters “LST” are used in reference to New Orleans, which was founded in 1792 and is known for its rich culture and historical landmarks.

The city’s nickname, “The Land of Saints,” is derived from the French word for “saint.”

Detroit Lions/Minnesota Vikings: A combination of the name and logo of the Minnesota-American Football League team, which became the Lions in 1960, “the Vikings,” and the Detroit-based city of Detroit, is used in the team name.

The league’s nickname is “The Old-Timer’s Lions,” a reference the team was founded during a time when there were fewer teams in the U.S. and more in Europe.

The Vikings logo is similar to the Detroit Lions logo, but the colors are slightly lighter.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers name comes from the name the team originally wore in the 1950s, and it was changed to “Panthers” after being rebranded by the NFL in the 1970 and 1980 seasons.

The Panthers logo features the “S” and lettering is similar.

The New Orleans name, “City of the Saints,” comes from a popular New Orleans restaurant.

The word “Pants” is derived, from “Paws,” a slang word for a dog.

The NFL logo, while based on the Saints name, is very different from the old one, as the letters “A” and numbers are different.

The Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons name comes directly from a famous New Orleans bar, “Patsy’s.”

The bar is known as “Paps,” after a popular Saints player.

In the NFL logo design, the lettering in the bar is red and blue.

The Falcons logo is slightly different from that of the Panthers logo.

The Tennessee Titans: The Titans name comes not from a classic New Orleans food or drink, but from the original logo of a bar in Nashville, which featured the word “Titans.”

The name comes to life as the team plays a tune to the tune of the famous tune, “My Lady, My Lady.”

The Titans logo, similar to that of “Papal,” is based loosely on a Roman coin that is considered to be the earliest known depiction of a Christian cross.

The San Francisco 49ers: The Niners’ name was chosen as a nod to the