Phoenix Stone design and design inspiration for a new home

Phoenix Stone is a Sydney-based architect whose clients have included a number of big names including Google, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Phoenix Stone, whose design is featured in this week’s episode of “Design Bites”, uses an industrial design ethos to bring about a contemporary and contemporary look to modern homes and offices.

The design company’s design team has recently been collaborating with renowned architecture firm Hockenheim on their new design for a modern, urban home in Melbourne’s inner west.

We’re going to talk about what Phoenix Stone did, and why they were able to create something so modern and modern in its design.

We also discuss the new home’s layout and interior design.

When you’re looking for inspiration, the first thing you want to look for is how a project was originally designed.

If you’re like us, your first thought may be ‘I can’t believe that it’s an office building!’, or ‘It’s not even in Sydney, it’s in Melbourne’.

Phoenix Stone, who is based in Sydney and Sydney’s south-east, decided to design the Sydney office space to be as modern and futuristic as possible.

Phoenix Stone has used a mix of modern and traditional materials, which they’ve taken to an industrialist-style style that has been designed to incorporate the needs of the 21st century office worker.

To build this home, Phoenix Stone opted for a number.

First up was an aluminium frame with steel slats to help create a glass curtain wall that can be pulled up and down.

The slats are attached to a glass pane on the ceiling, which is designed to catch wind.

The glass curtain is then attached to the frame with a metal strip, and it’s all finished off with a glass door.

As with all Phoenix Stone designs, the home has a lot going for it.

The interior is set against a lush green background, with a design that blends into the surrounding landscape.

The design of the home also features a large central balcony, and the large door in the middle of the building is positioned to catch any wind blowing through the windows.

If you’re not familiar with Phoenix Stone’s designs, you can read more about them on their website.

Phoenix’s work has also been featured on The Guardian, and they’ve also recently collaborated with Microsoft and Oracle on their latest Windows 8 design.

Phoenix is also a client for some of the biggest design firms in the world, including Giorgio Armani, Burberry, and Fendi.

Phoenix’s new home is currently on sale for $3.7 million.

Check out the home’s website for more information.

Images: Phoenix Stone