I built a rock wall out of Lego bricks, then painted it green

I built some Lego bricks in my living room.

It looked awesome.

I was able to use them for something I was working on.

After a couple of months, I thought I’d painted the wall green.

It turned out to be the most popular wall I had ever painted.

The green looked good, too.

The design concept, though, wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be.

To do that, I decided to make some Lego pieces with metal parts.

Lego bricks with metal pieces design concept source I’ve used the same technique for my rock wall design, which I’ve written about before.

But this time, I painted the metal parts of the Lego pieces red instead of green, which was a bit easier.

I also tried a different technique that didn’t involve paint.

Instead, I used a mix of red and blue Lego bricks to create a bright green gradient.

In order to get the gradient, I first had to make sure the Lego bricks weren’t touching the surface of the ground.

I used the Lego-blue Lego bricks and put them on the surface, then made sure they weren’t touched with my finger.

The Lego bricks were then covered in a thin layer of paint.

I then added a thin coating of a thin, white, film to cover the bricks.

I didn’t want the paint to stick, so I made sure the paint was thick enough to prevent the Lego from touching the ground surface.

After I covered the Lego, I then coated the bricks with a thin film of the film that I had made, then waited a couple minutes before using my fingers to rub the paint on the bricks and the film to make the gradient.

I finished the gradient by painting the bricks a darker color and waiting for the paint color to settle.

The red Lego bricks looked better in the end.