How to build your own rock jali with this simple DIY design

In this article, we’ll be building a rock jalai in the kitchen of a home in the village of Karur.

The design, which is the result of the work of an award-winning team, has been described as “a stunning example of innovation and ingenuity”.

The team from Karur’s Rockjali Design Academy says they created the stone jalaj in a few hours by cutting a 2-metre-high piece of stone from the side of a local hillside.

The team say they used a process that involves sanding the edges to create a shape that was “perfectly smooth and straight”.

“It’s the perfect size to fit a stone, yet the stone itself is just 3 metres wide,” the team said in a statement.

“The jalava is made from a mix of sandstone and siltstone, which has a special chemical that helps to retain the shape of the stone and keeps it from breaking.”

The stone jali is the first rock jala created by Karur Design Academy.