Danish firm designs diamond-studded house

Designers in Denmark have designed a diamond-shaped house for a family who want to live like a royal.

Adamo Stone, the Danish firm behind the stone house, says the new design for the family home will resemble the Queen Victoria House in England, a mansion that sits on the Thames.

The house has eight bedrooms, a ballroom, two bedrooms, three baths, and a full-sized pool.

It has been designed with a view into the Thames River.

But the design also shows the importance of the family’s time and place, Adamo Stone said in a statement.

“This is a house where we can enjoy the beautiful, rich and harmonious atmosphere, as well as having the space to enjoy a private and private family time,” the company said.

Its designers will be the first to show the house to the public.

AdamoStone’s design has already received the prestigious Royal Architecture Prize and a design award from the Danish Design Award.

While the Royal Family will be represented in the new home, the family could also enjoy the same luxury, the company added.

In addition to the family, the architects hope the family will be able to take advantage of AdamoStone architecture.

When the new family home is completed, it will be surrounded by the surrounding gardens and trees, Adamos said.

The new house will be about 15 feet (4 meters) tall, with its roof decking made from glass.

Danish architecture is also popular in Norway, with architects building similar stone houses in the country.

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