‘Stone BBS’: Barbershop designer’s barbershop design goes viral

A design company is selling a barbershire barbershoes that features a 3-D-printed design that resembles a medieval castle, according to the Washington Post.

The designs, which are also available for $1,500 each, feature a three-dimensional “stone bobby” that sits in the middle of a “rock-studded” barbersheel, the newspaper reported.

The “Bobby of Stone,” created by designer Brian S. Johnson, is “like a castle,” according to his Facebook page.

It was created in the early 2000s, and the design features a “stone-clad castle” with a “tower-like” barber chair, according the design.

“It’s a real castle,” Johnson told the Post.

“You look up, and you see this rock-stoked castle.”

“It feels like a medieval tower,” he added.

“You can take your pick,” the designer said.

“The most obvious choice is that you’re sitting in a throne room, and it looks like it could be a medieval one, but you’re really not.

It’s not that far off.””

You don’t need to have a barber, but if you’re in a big group, you could have a throne.”

The designer said that he used his barbershops as “test-run” prototypes before he started working on the final design, which he said was inspired by “the architecture of the Barbershops of Europe.”

“There are these medieval castles that you see in the movies, but it’s hard to tell them apart,” he told the paper.

“So I just tried to come up with a design that looked like it might be a castle.

I wanted it to feel like it was part of the environment.””

I didn’t want it to look like a toy,” Johnson added.

“I just wanted it feel like a real, working, functioning castle.”

The “Stone B-S” design, designed by artist Brian S Johnson, was created using 3-d printing.

(Brian S. Johnston/Facebook)The design, first released last week, has been viewed more than 10,000 times on the design company’s Facebook page, and more than 200,000 on Johnson’s own Instagram page.

The design is available for purchase on Johnsons own Facebook page for $499.99.

A photo of the finished product can be viewed on the company’s Instagram page, as well.

According to the Post, Johnson has also designed “Stone Bath” and “Stone Spa,” a “sporty” barbells and a “stretchy” chair, which both feature the same 3-dimensional designs.