Astonishing stone designs for Stone Medallions

In a stunning design, an Australian company has designed a stone medallion that looks like it was made by a human being.

The design, called Stone Medallion, was created by Melbourne artist Michael Lee.

Lee created the medallion for a company called The Crystal Stone Group, which he said “creates and sells a range of unique and handcrafted stone medals to the public.”

The medallion, which Lee says was made in the U.K., is made of a single piece of stone that has a unique shape and has been shaped to look like a human’s face.

The medallion has a very subtle design and is handcrafted in the United Kingdom, Lee said.

Lee told The Australian that the medallons have been sold at his shows, and he’s hoping to open his own shop in Australia soon.

The crystal stone group is also a producer of the Royal Australian Mint’s famous Royal Canadian Mints silver bullion coin series, Lee told The Associated Press.

Lee said he wanted to create something unique, and to do so in a way that’s as natural as possible.

Lee said the medallic design was based on his own experiences in the construction of stone and glass.

Lee says he wanted the medalls design to look as natural and natural looking as possible, but to also make the design as realistic as possible.

“This is an incredibly simple piece of art,” Lee said in a video he posted on YouTube.

Lee’s website says the stone medalls are made from pure natural stone and “the stones and glass are all organic and natural.”

The Crystal Stone group is a group of artists who work to “bring unique, high quality products to market,” according to its website.

Lee is currently creating an American edition of the medal and hopes to get it into stores soon.