Allure Stone Design – the stone garage design

The designers behind Allure stone, a new design house in central London, have released a design studio that uses stones to transform a home into an art gallery.

The new studio, located in a former warehouse in Kensington, uses stone to create a living room and garden space, as well as a dining room and bar.

The studio, which is currently in the process of opening, will house an exhibition and bookshop.

The stone garage is a concept designed to create an atmosphere of open space and public space.

It is designed with elements from stone, wood and metal to create natural and sustainable forms, and features reclaimed materials such as recycled plastic, reclaimed stone and recycled concrete.

The studio will feature an exhibition space that will host exhibitions of stone from around the world, including works by renowned British artists.

Allure Stone, the company behind the design, says it wanted to explore the idea of a “stone garage” because of the nature of the design.

“We wanted to create spaces that allow visitors to explore stone in a more intimate way, so we decided to use stone,” the studio says.

“We have created an exhibition hall that will feature stone works, and will offer visitors the opportunity to interact with a collection of these works.”

The building will also have a kitchen and living room, as it is intended to provide a place to hang out, while a dining area and bar will be created.

“In the gallery space, we have created a series of tables and chairs, and have included stone reclaimed from our old warehouse, which was designed for its own sake.”

Each stone used is sourced from a local quarry in North Wales, where it was first used as a construction material in the early 1900s.

Allures stone will also be able to use materials from its own quarries in Britain, as they are able to produce high quality stone in the UK and globally.

The team behind Allures stone says they have a number of partners and suppliers who are looking to supply stone for the gallery.

They hope to use the gallery as a launching pad for their next project, which they say will “involve the whole community”.

“It is a huge honour to have the opportunity of having such a strong, creative and influential team from Allures Stone join our team and create an exhibition of stones that will reflect the diverse history and identity of the people who live here in Kensham,” the team said.

“As a creative and visionary team, we are determined to be a global leader in this new and exciting field of design, and we have a great opportunity to inspire people around the globe.”

The gallery space will feature a series that will include stones from around Europe, as the site is part of the estate that houses the estate’s main buildings, the Parsonage of St James, which has houses dating back to the 19th century.

The site is also home to the estate of the Earl of Chichester, who was a prominent landowner in the area in the 18th century, and the Earl’s estate in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

A collection of stone has also been used as part of a design for the former home of the Duchess of Sussex.

The design is inspired by the ‘moody’ stone used in traditional art and architecture, but Allures says that it was inspired by stone in nature and nature itself.

“Our stone is created by using the earth itself, from which it comes, to create structures and sculptures, and to help the landscape reflect its history,” the company said.